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When have you ever been able to obtain an exact price on a lawn care program without having to go through the typical "Free Lawn Analysis" or "Free Estimate" process?

A healthy beautiful lawn.

A successful lawn starts with the right plan

Our Star Plan Professional lawn care program is designed to position your lawn for optimal growth, health and longevity. All of our applications are 100% environmentally-friendly and have been carefully selected for each season and region of the country.

The Star Plan Professional is our most comprehensive program offering 7 separate applications. The Professional will launch your lawn into a state of renewed vitality with core aeration and over-seeding applications in both prime root growth periods (spring & fall) plus organic fertilizer applications that will safely promote lawn growth and root stability throughout the season.

Services include:

  • Spring Core Aeration (March-June)
  • Spring Fertilization (March-June)
  • Spring Over-Seeding (March-June)
  • Summer Fertilization (June-July)
  • Fall Fertilization (August-October)
  • Fall Core Aeration (August-October)
  • Fall Over-Seeding (August-October)

At Canadian Property Stars we have absolutely nothing to hide! We offer an extremely good product at competitive prices and we want to make your registration process as streamlined and efficient as possible. Simply identify your "Lot Size Range" and you have your exact program price without having to make a call or wait for a representative to visit your home.

Lot Size 1

under 36ft wide 100ft deep or less

$472.50 w/GST Buy

Lot Size 2

36ft to 49ft wide 100ft deep or less

$577.50 w/GST Buy

Lot Size 3

50ft to 69ft wide 100ft deep or less

$682.50 w/GST Buy

Lot Size 4

over 69ft wide or 100ft deep

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CPS works directly with Turf-Grass Industry Leaders to develop the highest quality Over-Seeding Blend for our region.Our A-List seed cannot be purchased in retail stores or garden centres. Our commercial golf course grade blend is designed to strengthen the Bluegrass base of your lawn, while utilizing Red Fescue and Ryegrass to populate shaded and hard to grow areas on your property.

Mercury Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Disease resistance
  • Dark green
  • Performs well in shade
  • 10-15 day germination
Appalachian Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Heat and cold tolerance
  • Wear tolerance
  • Designed for landscapers and sports fields
  • 10-15 day germination
Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
  • Excellent shade grass
  • Drought tolerance
  • Adapts well where acidic soils prevail
  • Performs well in cooler conditions
  • Grows well with kentucky bluegrass
  • 7-10 day germination
Wicked Perennial Ryegrass
  • Drought tolerance
  • Disease resistance
  • Dark green
  • Quick green-up
  • Endophyte level combats surface insects
  • 4-7 day germination

Each year your lawn must endure the extremes of the Canadian climate. CPS has you covered with its commercial-grade slow-release granular fertilizer blend that not only provides your lawn with what it needs to have a great spring growth season, but it also evenly nourishes through the entire summer and prepares the root system for the harsh winter weather to come.

  • Thick dark green foliage
  • Nutrition for the plant
  • Root development
  • Winter hardiness
  • Disease control
  • Stress tolerance
  • Strengthen leaf blade
  • Heat stress
  • Water retention

The ultra-important service of Core Aeration is quite simply the very best of turf-grass cultural practices that can be performed on a lawn each year. Our modern mechanical core aeration machines remove thousands of small cylindrical cores of earth and grass from the base of the lawn. This service effectively breaks up the thatch barrier that forms on the top of the lawn after a long winter season. As this barrier is broken down and the soil compaction resulting from the weight of the snow is relieved, the lawn is now able to breathe again and can absorb all that the new growing season has to offer. Spring rain, oxygen and nutrients will quickly reach the root system with ease, enhancing the effects that they produce.

This particular service was the driving force behind the growth of Canadian Property Stars over the past 20 years and we firmly believe that it remains the single most important service that no lawn should go without!