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Canadian Property Stars contractor aerating a lawn.

At Property Stars we maintain that aeration is the most important lawn maintenance process due to its direct benefits on the root system.

Healthy Roots = Healthy Lawn

If you intend to only invest in a single commercial lawn treatment this year, go with aeration!

We want you to be equally sold on the benefits of aeration so we've assembled the Top 10 reasons why you should place an order today for one of our highly-qualified Property Stars Core Aeration Specialists to service your property.

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Top 10 Reasons to Aerate!

  1. Thatch is Broken Up
    Your lawn is continually building up a thick layer of surface thatch which prevents the uptake of water, oxygen and fertilizer. An annual mechanical core aeration effectively eliminates this problem by breaking up the thatch barrier while the soil cores lift micro-organisms to the surface which speed up the decomposition of the remaining thatch.
  2. Compaction is Relieved
    Aeration is the only proven method for relieving topsoil compaction. Hard, compacted soil will result in pooling of water, insufficient transfer of oxygen and nutrients and deminished microbial activity. An aeration can be likened to tilling garden soil in preparation for new planting.
  3. Free Top Dressing
    The aeration process leaves thousands of soil cores sitting on the surface of your lawn essentially giving you a top dressing. The cores will dissolve back into your lawn during the next rainfall but, in the meanwhile, they will help preserve moisture in the turf.
  4. Drought Protection
    Hard, compacted soil leads to a shallow root system. Aeration promotes deep root growth which gives your lawn greater drought tolerance during the summer.
  5. Water Savings
    Compacted lawns with thatch build-up become hydrophobic! These lawns repel water no matter how much you water them. With an aeration, your watering efforts will not be in vain and you will save money in the process!
  6. Weed Resistance
    Aeration allows water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the root level promoting new growth. The new turf growth will fill in the lawn and thereby crowd out weeds attempting to spread.
  7. Insect Resistance
    Insects thrive in thick thatch build-up. As the aerator punches thousands of holes into the thatch layer, it breaks down the ideal environment for insect infestations.
  8. Increases Fertilizer Uptake
    In addition to promoting water and oxygen transfer to the root system, aeration will also enhance the uptake of fertilizer where it's needed: at the root level. Get maximum return from your fertilizer investment by aerating in the spring and fall.
  9. New Turf Growth
    A steady introduction of healthy, new lawn shoots each year will keep your lawn vibrant and resistant to harmful weeds and insects. However, these new lawn shoots require room to grow. The thousands of small openings created by the aeration provide just what your lawn needs.
  10. Increases Property Value
    Some Realtors say that the look and health of your lawn speaks a lot about how you care for your house. A property with a thick, beautiful green lawn will sell for up to 10% higher than the identical house with a weedy, brown lawn in the heat of summer. Get full recognition for the value of your home - aerate your lawn!

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